Venice Italy Travel Tip #1

A “walking” city….
They call Venice “a walking city”.
Whoever “they” are, they need to go back and change that to “Venice is a walking or standing on concrete all day city”.
There is nowhere to sit….at all….anywhere.

Venice is not for the faint of heart when it comes to standing and walking on concrete all day.

If you’ve never noticed before how much carpet makes a difference to your overall comfort, Venice will quickly remind you.

If you stop by one of the outdoor cafes that do have seating in Venice, you’ll quickly find out the owner or an employee will ask you to leave if you’re not prepared to order something.

On that note, to make matters worse, most of the places serving food in Venice, like the little cafes with seating outside, will gladly sell you food that is absolutely, positively horrible.
The Venetian business owners have figured out that tourists don’t talk to each other and as a result, the food at most of these places is below any measure of what you would call “good” by any stretch.

My recommendation is, you should bring two pair of shoes and one of them should be sneakers.

I like to travel light, so bringing an extra pair of shoes is not in my DNA.
So, you have my wife to thank for that little tip. It really makes quite a difference.

Venice, Italy – the only place I’ve ever been where my wallet actually hurt along with me feet, legs and back.
I think it’s one price for the locals and one price for everyone else.
I can’t imagine it’s that expensive for anyone who lives there.

Before you go to Venice, just keep this little tidbit in mind…

I stuck my head into the local McDonalds in Venice, just to get a feel for the cost of living. After the exchange, a hamburger (no fries, drink or anything else) was $11.

Yes, you heard me right, $11 for a McDonald’s hamburger.

No, it wasn’t made out of gold, laced with Venetian tapestry or held some secret to perpetual youth.
It was just a hamburger.
When it comes to Venice, Italy – Save your pennies.