Venice Italy Travel Tip#2

It can be tough to find good food in Venice.

You really have to hunt for it or ask a local.

I happened to get a few good food locations from a local, places that you should definitely try.
One Restaurant in particular, is actually not on the “main” island of Venice but rather, on a smaller (and more quaint) island about 45min away by boat.

Burano….a Venetian island and worth every minute

With a 45 min ride by boat from the main island of Venice, you’ll find this quaint little island town with buildings painted in extraordinary bright colors.
It’s charming as it is unique….unique even for Venice.

In Burano, you’ll find Venetian lace hand woven by little old Italian ladies, art for sale and Da Romano, home of the world’s greatest Risotto.

A few years ago, this wonderful restaurant, filled with hundreds of pieces of art, was broadcast on a Food Network show named “No Reservations”.
The host talked about the art on the walls (there are many paintings) and the Risotto that Da Romano is known internationally known for.

The art was really terrific, but it was the Risotto, that I was after.

World’s greatest risotto

If you’ve done any searching around the internet, you might have stumbled across several people pointing out that the World’s greatest Risotto can be found on one of the smaller islands near the main island of Venice.

Yes, this tiny island of Burano is home to the typical Venetian shops and cafes for tourists.

Burano however, also is home to the world’s greatest risotto.  (Read about the world’s greatest risotto)