5 hour Energy Decaf? Does it really work?

Where are the healthy AND decaf energy drinks, anyway?
I’m often fatigued and feeling run down.
The only problem is, I do not drink anything with caffeine.
To make matters worse, I can’t ever find an energy drink without caffeine in it.
So, if I’m feeling tired or just need more energy, I’m just out of luck.

Every energy drink that I’ve seen, seems to always have caffine in it….

….along with a bunch of other stuff that I can’t pronounce. I don’t want to put something in my body that I know is bad for me and I absolutely cannot tolerate caffeine.
That leaves me always on the lookout for an energy drink both decaffeinated AND healthy, to give me that little pick me up and most of the time I’m very disappointed in what I find.

That is, until I stumbled upon 5 hour energy DECAF.

I must say, I really wanted to test this product.

I had some serious doubts about it working.

I waited for a day that was particularly long, late in the afternoon hours, when I’m feeling tired anyway. On this particular day, I was really pushing it.
I was SO tired from a very early morning and non-stop work until my only break for the entire day – dinner time.

Before I took it, I had a very light meal, not wanting to throw my little experiment off in any way.

I popped the cap and drank it all in one gulp….well, almost one gulp.

It was very sweet, but not overpowering, with a light hint of citrus.
I was instantly reminded of some sweet drink I must have had as a child.
Not bad, so far.

It was amazing how it almost instantly worked, but not with that “jarring” caffeine rush that you might get with something containing high amounts of caffeine.

The bottle says it’s DECAF, but they do put caffeine in it. (Not sure how that’s supposed to work)

They do include a note on the bottle, it reads that they add about half a cup of decaf coffee in the ingredients. Once again, not sure how you can call something decaf, if it is in fact, caffeinated.

After I drank it, I really just sat for a while and paid very close attention to how this little bottle of “DECAF” energy drink made me feel. No sudden burst of energy that I knew I would crash from later.

No sugar rush (surprising since it had such a sweet taste). It just kind of gradually “lifted” me to a new (higher) level of energy.

I kept very close attention to my watch and how long it was working.

Sure enough, it kept me going for 5 hours….as promised by the name.

When it was said and done, 5 hour energy DECAF did it’s job and didn’t make me crash after it was done.

Well done, 5 hour energy DECAF, well done indeed.