High Cholesterol

“yeah, I’ll take that with extra cheese, please”
Fun facts about cholesterol:
If you’re Hispanic, chances are that you’re one of the 52% who has had their cholesterol checked by a doctor within the last 5 years (way to go Hispanics!)

The rest of you – for shame, for shame –

you’re supposed to get checked for High Cholesterol every 5 years and statistically, you haven’t!!

Another fun fact about cholesterol, is it aids in the production of SEX HORMONES….and no, before you ask, it is NOT a good substitute for Viagra if you have lots of cholesterol. Get your mind out of the gutter.

The bad news is, high cholesterol can contribute to heart disease (see my chest hurts and I can’t breathe).

Okay, if you really want high cholesterol, just follow these easy steps:
Make sure you don’t exercise, because, well, that would just be foolish. Keep that sedentary lifestyle.
Eat lots of food with saturated fats, food like: red meat, some pies, sausages, hard cheese, lard, pastry, cakes, most biscuits, and cream. While you’re not gorging yourself on those super unhealthy foods, pick up that cigarette. That’s right, if you want high cholesterol, smoke like a chimney. Oh, and what’s a cigarette without a gallon of alcohol to go with it. Got it? Eat crap food, smoke and drink lots of alcohol and YOU TOO can have high cholesterol.

greasey burger and fries

The good news is, It’s pretty simple to keep your cholesterol levels in check.
Just avoid saturated fats, get plenty of sleep and keep a healthy lifestyle.
Believe it or not, eggs, seafood and some other foods have cholesterol, but it’s not too much, so you should be safe.