Heart disease

You look flush, your chest hurts, you collapse.
CONGRATULATIONS you have heart disease!
This is no joke, Heart Disease kills more people in America, than any other condition.

Heart Disease

It’s pretty simple, you too can get heart disease, all you have to do is:
Make sure you have high blood pressure, high blood cholesterol, Diabetes, make sure you are overweight, don’t do anything physical and just for good measure, smoke lots of cigarettes.
Other factors include a family history of heart disease and/or 55 and older for women.

It’s not complicated. A heart attack happens when you get a blockage and the heart can’t pump blood to the rest of your body.
Don’t let this happen to you in 2007, 1 person died from heart disease every 39 seconds.
Don’t mess around with this one. Go get checked out by a real doctor, with really expensive equipment. No taking short cuts with this one.
Repeat after me

“I am not going to trust a psychic, or that grocery store clerk who said I look just fine. I am going to the doctor to get checked.”