“What do you MEAN everything has sugar in it?

Some of us can’t control whether or not we get diabetes. For the rest of you whose diet is so bad, that you gave yourself diabetes, I say, well done – it’s good to accomplish things. Unfortunately, getting diabetes means you might have to watch your sugar in take.

Something you probably didn’t know about about diabetes:

In China, they call it “Sweet Urine Disease”.

I’m not sure how many people’s urine some one had to taste before they got to that name….not sure I want to know, either.  Actually, they coined that term after observing ants were attracted to some people’s urine.

Not sure which idea I dislike more:  Some one tasting urine or walking in streets soaked with urine when some one noticed,

“Hey, there are ants over here where Chan relieved himself”.

Ugh…but I digress.


If you have Type 2 diabetes, statistically, you have completely let yourself go.  You don’t watch what you eat and you’re overweight.

diabetes from diet

The sad thing is, it can be caused by a diet and lifestyle, but it can also be prevented by diet and lifestyle, too.