my bones hurt!….er, well, my joints hurt, anyway

arthritis sucks

Arthritis sucks, no two ways about it.

With constant joint pain, it affects more than 40 million of us.

There’s also the factor that there are over 100 kinds of Arthritis.

Having that said, when some one gets Arthritis, it’s normally Osteoarthritis (the most common form).

The equally frustrating thing about Arthritis, is that there isn’t a really good definition of it beyond “something has gone kooky with your joints”.  (Yes, that is my technical definition).

The thing is, it could be a result of your cartilage wearing out, a lack of the fluid that nourishes your joint or a multitude of other problems.

The CDC reports:

There is strong evidence that physical activity reduces pain, improves function and mood,



and delays disability in adults with arthritis. Despite these known benefits of physical activity for managing arthritis, the majority (30%­–50%) of adults with arthritis are physically inactive.

Arthritis patients have disease-specific barriers to being physically active including episodic pain, fear of making their arthritis worse, lack of knowledge about the best type and amount of exercise, and fear of injury.